After 30 days of being on this diet I have noticed a huge improvement in both my skin and my digestion! I have realized that meat and fats are not good for my skin and were only aggravating my issues! So all the doctors who have told me that does not cause acne need to open their eyes! I will most definitely be continuing on this journey, and would love the opportunity to participate in the next detox program with you this fall .I can't thank you enough for sharing this information and helping me on my path to healing. Sincerely, Dorian

Hi John,I had complete success with the program! I will definitely be continuing for another 30 Days and see where this takes me. I realize it is a work in progress, and we must do what feels right for ourselves.I also discovered what a ”touchy” subject to eat protein or not to eat protein and have decided to keep it to myself. I’d like to thank you John for including me in this challenge and affording me the opportunity to discover for myself a new mindset and another way of eating to better health. Continued success. -Cheryl

Personally This has been a truly transformational program for me. The level of focus, clarity and mindset I feel right now is off the charts! ‎ Feeling great with the salads, nuts and fruits. Most importantly no alcohol! Feeling amazing and can't wait for the fall seasonI The future is unlimited. Grateful for you John Depass. You came into my life 1 year ago and from a physical, nutrition, and Mental state things have never been better and I can't wait for more growth development and transformation! Have a great day and enjoy the clean weekend Cheers! –Roman Mamaglya

Shelby lost 21 pounds in 8 weeks!

Jen lost 39 pounds in 1 year following our fitness and nutrition weight loss program.

Brandi lost 27 pounds in the 90 day following our Personal training and nutrition program

Kim lost 31 pounds in 8 weeks following our Nutrition and Exercise program weight loss program.