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In our Private weight loss studio Dora and I help people to burn fat fast with personalized exercise sessions and customized nutrition plans. Balance your macro-nutrients, track your protein requirements, full-fill all your obligations for nutrients, vitamins and minerals, eat live plant based foods and keep your body as alkaline as as you can. No body has time these days. With a family that has 3 kids Dora and I realize the value of time. We've created our 30 minute short duration high intensity workout program to fit into anyone's schedule. Get your workouts tailored for you. Strengthen and tone all of your jiggly bits, speed up your metabolic hormones, and jump start your fat-burning engine. Fat burning happens inside the nucleus of each and every cell in your body. That only happens when you stimulate your body properly and support and nourish it the same way! Dora and I will keep you motivated. We will hold you accountable with private training exercise sessions in our own gym. When you have a scheduled time and appointment you will always get your fitness sessions in each week. Do it differently this time. Hire a coach. Get a weight loss expert on your side to help you with your personal training and fat burning goals. Get the benefit of working in a private gym.

Dora and I have been Professional Trainers for almost 50 years combined. We know what you need to do with your fitness and nutrition program to really be successful this time. If you want to lose weight and tone up then we need to start with a free transformation session. We want to create a personalized program for you. To maximize your weight-loss and fat-burning I want to begin with collecting a little personal information. We all have different personal requirements. I need to know your current weight. I want to establish a baseline body fat estimation and do some minor calculations to determine how many calories your body needs to eat each day. Let's figure your personal protein requirements. Let's talk about the foods that you like best to full-fill your personal obligations and requirements. Let's make sure that you are making the right choices of food to keep your body as alkaline as possible. Remember disease flourishes in an acid based environment. If we combine healthy whole food nutrition with private personal training, motivation, accountability and coaching your weight loss will be guaranteed this time! Our private training studio is right here in Burlington down on the lakeshore. You can personal train with us in our home gym or train with us On-line from your fitness center or home gym.

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